Tournament of Bands (TOB)

Raffle, Gear & Shoutouts

Tournament of Bands (TOB) Gear

Foldable stadium seat cushions, 50th TOB commemorative T-shirt and USB power band!!!

You get a discount if you pre-order online. Pick up your gear on TOB day at Cupertino High School.

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Tournament of Bands (TOB) Shoutouts

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  • $5.00 for 50 words or less

  • $10.00 for 50 - 100 words

  • Please write the following in the Paypal notes section so we can matchup the payment with the shoutout. Thank you!
    For Shoutout. Sender's name: ...................

Tournament of Bands (TOB) Raffle

* Tickets expire 12/14/2022


  • Winners will be notified by email or by phone

  • Please add your email AND phone number in the notes section when you make your payment on PayPal