2023 Season - "From Above"

From Above
In Greek Mythology, Harpies were the personification of storm winds. These avian beasts, under the command of Zeus, were dispatched to wreak havoc and terrorize anything that got in their way. 

Cupertino High School’s 2023 production ‘FROM ABOVE’  takes us on a journey told from 30,000 feet in the sky that illustrates the elegant and unpredictable nature of these creatures. We are taken in by their alluring nature that may leave us in surprise…and end constantly looking up wondering when, not where, chaos would reign down from.
with music from

Staff & Design Team
Instructional Staff:
Gilbert Iruegas, Band Director
Wells Chen, Assistant Band Director
Matt Costales, Visual Caption Head
Jeff Facun, Visual Caption Head
Diego Barrios, Visual Instructor
Emerson Valdez, Visual Instructor
Kai Laine, Brass and Visual Instructor
Keira Lieb, Brass and Visual Instructor
Chavadith Tantavirojn, Front Ensemble Caption Head
Taiga Yamaguchi, Front Ensemble Instructor
Gabriel Boquiren, Electronics Caption Head
Anica Le, Electronics Instructor
Casey Quevedo, Drumline Caption Head
Axle Aquino, Drumline Caption Head
Philipp Droste, Drumline Instructor (Snare)
Brandon Adamson, Drumline Instructor (Bass)
Nick Cordoni, Drumline Instructor (Bass)
Erick Roa, Drumline Instructor (Tenor)
Raven Bautista, Guard Caption Head
Johnny Rodriguez, Guard Caption Head
Lindsey Youngblood-Smith, Guard Instructor

Design Team:
Tanner Jones, Show Designer and Music Arranger
Tori Farias, Show Designer
Clark Cothran, Drill Designer
Trent Gronewold, Electronics Designer
Chavadith Tantavirojn, Front Ensemble Music Arranger
Matt Penland, Drumline Music Arranger
Raven Bautista, Color Guard Choreographer
Jeff Facun, Choreographer

CHS Band Booster Board
David Guy, President
Laura Compton, Secretary
Rohit Narkar, Treasurer

CHS Band Booster Leads
Tina Leung,  Volunteer Coordinator and TOB Chair
Mallika Viswas, TOB Chair
Priyanka Narkar, Food Chair
Savita Chari, Corporate Match Chair

Student Leadership

Drum Majors
- Devansh Patel '25
- Shravan Parameswaran '25
- Adelaide Guy '25

- Angie Li '24
- Shubhan Chari '24

- Hannah Wawda '25
- Amelia Leung '25
- Vibha Hadya '25

Bass Clarinets
- Xiwen Xie '25

- Zachary Chaba '25
- Aaron Cu '25

High Brass (Trumpets and Mellophones)
- Amy Pietromonaco '25
- Rui Pai '25

Low Brass (Baritones and Tubas)
- Sammy Ali '24
- Lawrence Chen '25
- Momo Park '25

- Jacklin Yu '25
- Andy Dong '25

Front Ensemble
- Kaiden Furton '25
- Ishaan Narkar '25
- Rania Ahmed '26

Color Guard
- Hrishvi Bansal '24
- Sasha Bahdanava '24
- Neema Armin