Winter Percussion

Winter Percussion is a competitive performing ensemble that consists of the battery (drumline), front ensemble (mallets, rack, and electronic synthesizers), and visual performers. The ensemble performs a 5-6 minute production in indoor arenas and gyms that combines music, marching, dance/choreography, theatrics, and props to create an exhilarating show.

Originally, Cupertino HS Winter Percussion began in the winter of 2016 to provide percussion students an opportunity to continue their percussion training specializing in the areas of battery and mallet percussion after fall marching band season has ended. Since then, the ensemble has extended the opportunity to all musicians (with or without background in percussion). 

The regular season runs December (end of November) to April.

For the Winter of 2024, Cupertino High School will be returning to compete at WGI West Power Regional in Southern California. This will be the ensemble's first trip back since the 2019 winter season. In addition to WGI Power Regional, the Winter Percussion will also compete in all local NCPA competitions.

Students in grades 10, 11 & 12, who meet the attendance and participation requirements will receive 0.5 PE credits. Freshmen are not eligible to earn PE credits for their involvement in sports.

Students do not need to join marching band to participate in Winter Percussion.

Please contact for any questions.

Required Forms

Athletic Clearance Form - NOTE! If you already have one filled out for the 2023 Fall Marching Band Season, you are able to reuse the same copy for the Winter Percussion Season. Either print a copy or request to print a copy from Mr. I.

Winter Percussion Registration (Family & Student Information)  (Due by Wednesday, November 22, 2023 at 8 PM)

Food Planning Questionnaire  (Due by Wednesday, November 22, 2023 at 8 PM)

Winter Percussion 2023 - 2024 Calendar