Summer Showcase & Potluck

Friday, August 16, 2019

Come see and hear the result of all the hard work that has taken place during the 2019 Band Camp this summer. You will get to see a performance of the opener of this year’s exciting field show. We will kick off the evening with a potluck for band students, their families and friends.

Schedule of Events:

4:30 Deliver food to the Cafeteria

5:00 Students Eat

6:00 Families & Friends Eat / Students will warm up for the performance

7:30 Performance begins at the Cupertino High School Stadium

Potluck Items - Bring 8-10 servings per person

Flutes, Tubas and Pit | Side dishes (for instance: green salads, potato salad, fruit salad, pasta salad, et, )

Clarinets, Trumpets, Drumline and Saxophones | Main Dishes*

Trombones, Baritones, Color Guard and Mellophones | Dessert Dishes*

CHS Band Boosters | Drinks, plates, plastic ware, cups, napkins and ice


  • Please label your dish as "Vegetarian", "Contains Pork”, "Contains Chicken", etc.
  • We want to be sure everyone is able to observe their dietary restrictions.
  • Due to allergies, please label any dish that contains peanuts and/or tree nuts.
  • Please provide serving utensils with EVERY dish. Label them if you would like them returned.
  • Please bring ALL dishes cut and ready to serve.

Drum majors and section leads will assist with clean up prior to leaving for the evening.

We look forward to seeing everyone there and invite you to attend all future performances!

Thank you!

Gilbert Iruegas, Band Director

CHS Band Boosters